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To enjoy the real essence of tobacco, you need the best quality e-cigarettes and Myle vape in the United Arab Emirates. We offer a wide range of Myle Vape devices in varied ergonomic designs such as Myle Vape Magnetic V4 devices, vape pods and mini disposable Myle pods.

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These easily rechargeable Myle vape kits are highly durable and can provide a powerful nicotine experience with a greater number of puffs in each vape pod. Prepared using original tobacco essence and exotic flavouring components, we provide the best Myle vape e cigarette in Dubai. The cutting edge technology and compact designs of Myle vape devices make them a popular choice among nicotine-lovers. Myle vape UAE is the best alternative to enjoy no smoke and ash-free smoking experience with interesting flavors like Iced Mint, Sweet Tobacco, Cubano, Peppermint, among others.

Buy Best MYLÉ VAPE V.4


From refreshing peppermint flavour to exotic sweet tobacco flavours, Myle magnetic pods helps to enjoy authentic nicotine taste with pleasing fragrances anywhere in the UAE.


Comprising top-notch anti-leak technology, these high-end Myle devices will offer a hassle-free smoking experience without spilling or leaking the vaping liquid. Myle vape devices available in varied stunning colours and styles in Dubai.


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The new revolutionary Myle Vape V4 devices contain advanced technology that helps you experience a velvety and smooth smoking experience. Using the unique leak-proof technology, changing pods in the Myle V4 device in Dubai is convenient and cleaner. It also features improved battery life with easy micro-USB quick rechargeable systems. Available in a wide variety of authentic and interesting flavours, buy Myle Vape V4 in the UAE to experience improved silky smokes in every puff.

Why Choose Mylé Vape?

With an authentic nicotine content of about 5%, Myle Vape can help anyone in the UAE quit cigarette smoking and adopting a much safer alternative. The new Myle device brings in an increased warranty and unique compact sizes that are easy to handle. Larger magnetic vaping pods with powerful flavoured salt nicotine liquids, Myle vapes are among the best ways to leave cigarette smoking in Dubai. We offer fine-quality Myle vapes at the lowest prices to ensure quality at affordable prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Myle Vape?

Myle Vape is a great technology-based device invented to help people trying to stop smoking in Dubai. Built-in with a quick and easy recharging system, Myle devices includes liquid-based atomizers found as pre-filled pods that enable easy smoking. This makes the installation of the Myle device easy and requires no servicing.

Are Myle Vape devices a safer option compared to cigarettes?

Myle vaping involves heating a nicotine liquid that contains additional flavours. Compared with regular cigarettes, tobacco is absent in Myle vape in the UAE. This avoids the dangerous effects of tobacco.

Why are people buying Myle Vape in Dubai?

Compared to traditional tobacco-based cigarette smoking, Myle vape are a much better and safer means to satisfy your nicotine need in the UAE. As it only contains salt nicotine-based vaping liquid, Myle vapes minimize the harm and let you enjoy safer smoke in every puff.

How are Myle Vape and e-cigarettes different?

Although there are various e-cigarette options available, Myle vape in Dubai involves a safer smoking technology that uses flavoured nicotine e-liquid. Unlike cigarettes, it does not leave smoke or ashes in the process and is a convenient smoking method.

How does Myle Vape function?

Myle vape in Dubai includes a simple vaporization system. The flavoured nicotine liquid is heated up, releasing strongly flavoured smokes that can be inhaled through the device. Myle smoking device leaves no remnants of ash or smoke during the process.

Is Myle vape difficult to use?

Myle vape available in the UAE market is very simple to use and doesn’t need complex installation. Anyone can easily change the vaping pods and use Myle devices built with easy rechargeable battery systems.