MYLE VAPE: Convenience and innovation in the modern world

Fashion is reviving from the recent past, when the trend was small devices designed only to satisfy the "nicotine hunger", and not to release all kinds of "jellyfish" and "rings". It is now quite practical to have something small so that you can enjoy the steam simply and quickly if you wish. But it is desirable that this "something" has an acceptable form. This is where a device called MYLÉ from Myle Vapor Inc. comes in.

Review of the device MYLÉ (Nicotine Delivery System) from Myle Vapor Inc.

A little background: the company itself Myle Vapor Inc. was founded in Fair Lawn (New Jersey, USA). All MYLE design developments were realized in Italy, and the production itself, as in most similar cases, is located in China. It is difficult to apply the words "cigarette" or "steam generator" to MYLÉ. The brainchild of Myle Vapor is an electronic nicotine delivery system.

The Box and Equipment MYLÉ

MYLE device box - photo 1

MYLE device box - photo 1

Let's take a look at the US-Italian-Chinese design. The name of the device itself, its life-size image and the phrase "Nicotine Delivery System" flaunt on the front. On the back there is a description of the kit, a mention of the warranty period (1 year is very good!), The address of the manufacturer's website and e-mail, as well as various warnings about use (nicotine content, age restrictions, and so on).

MYLE device in the box - photo 1

MYLE device in the box - photo 1

We move the upper part of the package - the following appears in front of us:

Black MYLÉ device

So, here is the device in front of us. It is stylish, it is fashionable, it is sophisticated (remember that the design was developed in Italy)! The MYLÉ device is literally weightless, thus it can easily and gracefully take place in the hand. So far, I like everything!

Features of the MYLÉ Device

Small and stylish device. Above there is a place for installing special original cartridges, below - contacts for charging. On the "front" side there are 3 LEDs indicating the degree of battery capacity and another "eye" that lights up when tightened. On the reverse side there are factory or serial designations. That, in essence, is all.

Front view of the device

Rear view of the device

Slot for installing cartridges in MYLE

MYLE charging contacts

The fact of the lack of a cartridge in the standard kit is saddening. Essentially, MYLÉ is an all-in-one, but you can't enjoy the steam out of the box. The manufacturer could have put a replaceable head in the package, it would be much better for the buyers.

MYLE complete set

Now the question of charging the device. MYLÉ comes with a kind of docking station. It is very small and works like a magnet (Apple MacBook owners will be very familiar). The principle is simple: we inserted a USB port into a computer / laptop / unit, then "magnetised" the device - charging started. But here's the catch! In fact, you are tied to one place: you can easily forget this mini-station somewhere or simply lose it (carrying it around with you all the time is not an option), and while charging it will be a kind of quest. Not the best solution.

USB charger - photo 1

USB charger - photo 2

What is MYLÉ PODS?

MYLE Pods Cartridges - photo 1

MYLE Pods Cartridges - photo 1

This device uses branded cartridges called MYLE PODS. The "pod" itself is a small cassette with liquid (internal volume - 0.9 ml). What's remarkable: each cartridge is individually protected with its own cap and silicone plug (very practical and hygienic).

MYLE flavor pods

In total, today there are 4 unique flavors:

  • Cubano by VGOD (tobacco flavor);
  • Mighty Mint (refreshing mint);
  • Summer Strawberry (summer strawberry);
  • Tropical Mango (tropical mango).

Consider the classic tobacco flavor of Cubano. The sensation of vaping is a pleasant tobacco for every day, a little harsh on exhalation, but quite acceptable to itself.

MYLE Pods Cubano

All cartridges are filled with nicotine saline liquid from the SaltNic company. Its content is 5%. For a person who vapes daily liquids with a strength of 3 mg, 8-10 puffs are enough to feel full saturation.

MYLE pods - photo 01

MYLE pods - photo 02

MYLE pods - photo 03

MYLE pods - photo 04

As for the cartridge as an item. Inside, in addition to the liquid, you can see a small spiral, which is responsible for vaporization. But the main "chip" is an interesting little silicone plug on the bottom. If, after evaporation of the liquid, it is carefully opened, then you can fill the container with something else (maybe one pod can be enough for 3-4 refills).

VGOD Lush Ice

Most recently, the guys from Myle Vapor Inc. released a new flavor for their customers - VGOD Lush Ice. It happened very opportunely, as the summer weather is gaining momentum in degrees more and more, and at this time everyone would be glad to freshen up a little. Inside the white box there are also 4 pods with a strength of 5% (50 mg / ml) in a single blister, each of which has a new taste of frosty watermelon. Not to say that the giant berry is extremely rich here, and the frosty freshness makes you put on a fur coat under the scorching sun, but for such a system of sensations it is more than enough. Moderately fresh and tasty in its own way!

MYLE pods Vgod lush ice - photo 01

MYLE pods Vgod lush ice - photo 02

MYLE pods Vgod lush ice - photo 03

MYLE pods Vgod lush ice - photo 04

How MYLÉ works

So. We have a charged battery and cartridge. Remove the plastic cap from the latter and carefully, with little effort, insert pod into the desired niche (it is one - it's hard to make a mistake). After that, the blue LED will blink, and after it green will appear - this is a signal that the device is completely ready for use. We take out the silicone plug from the tightening holes - and that's it, you can start. Since MYLÉ does not have any buttons, the device starts to work automatically when you tighten it.

How MYLE device works - photo 01

How MYLE device works - photo 02

How MYLE device works - photo 03

How MYLE device works - photo 04

About the degree of "cigarette". The puff in MYLÉ is not to say loose, but not tight either - something in between. For strength inside the factory cartridge, there is enough air with your head. The manufacturer claims that one "hearth" is enough for 240 puffs. This seems to be true. After 70 times of using the device, about 1/3 of the liquid "left". As for the cartridge, its volume will be enough only based on your use (as, in principle, with the issue of battery capacity).

How MYLE device and pods

MYLE device demensions vs. Wotofo Conqueror and CompLyfe HK25

Well, as for the size in comparison - here's an example. Pictured above is MYLÉ, the LostVape Therion 166 + Wotofo Conqueror Mini RTA set, and the CompLyfe HK25 Classic + Skill RDA set.


There are, of course, advantages in the MYLÉ device: these are dimensions, ease of use, and a very unusual design. But there are also disadvantages here:

  • you cannot use the device "out of the box";
  • inconvenient charging.


The MYLÉ device is very niche and unusual. Yes - style, design and compactness take their toll. However, it is not without its drawbacks. As a basic device for every day, it may not work. As an alternative or backup for satisfying nicotine hunger - quite good, especially in places where a lot of steam is not very appropriate. In general, it is a good option for those who really need it.

MYLE vape device

MYLE device and USB charger

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