Why Choose Myle E-cigarettes Over JUUL?

Why Choose Myle E-cigarettes Over JUUL?

E-cigarette and vaping have gained much popularity in Dubai, with more people turning towards this safer smoking alternative. The unique ergonomic sleek designs of these e-cigarettes make them a viable way to quit smoking. Myle and JUUL are almost similar in terms of appearance. These vaping devices have a stylish and sleek design that contains a battery, temperature regulatory system and the main vape pod with nicotine-based flavoured liquid. The vape juices are available in varied flavours like sweet tobacco, berry, Iced mint to different fruit-based flavours, including exotic mix fruit.

Difference Between Myle and JUUL


The vape pods in Myle and JUUL are available in varied flavours and around 2% to 5% nicotine content. However, in terms of the smoking experience, Myle vape pods are more powerful compared to the normal JUUL e-cigarettes. The liquid capacity of the Myle vape pods is also higher than that of the pods present in JUUL.


The long-lasting battery life is one of the distinguishing factors of Myle from that of JUUL. Myle devices have a simple micro-USB cable-based charging system that makes it handy and convenient than JUUL. The charging base of JUUL is a bit different and needs a specific cable for recharging it. The battery of Myle will stay for long compared to JUUL, which can hardly stand for a day.


The Myle pods can provide an additional number of puffs than JUUL. With a powerful vaping liquid, Myle pods provide exotic flavorful fragrance in every puff. While vaping JUUL, you may feel the smokes are a little lighter and not effective.

Battery Indicators

Knowing the battery life of JUUL a bit more difficult as it has only one light that turns red in case of low battery and green in high and yellow in a medium level of the battery. In Myle pods, there is a more advanced four dot system that gives a more elaborated indication of the battery level.

Anti-leak Technology

This is the unique feature introduced in the latest Myle V4 Vape pods. With an advanced packed fitting system, Myle pods are much safer to use with easy changing of refill vape pods without leaking of oils. JUUL has a traditional vape pods system that may get damaged and leak liquids while changing it.

Why Myle Vape is a Better E-cigarette?

The sleeker design and long-lasting function of Myle vape pods make them highly suitable for non-smokers and the ones who wish to quit smoking. With a strong battery system, it is one of the long-lasting vaping devices compared to the other form of e-cigarettes.